Multi Way Dress

The Multi Way Dress (Infinity Dress) is a versatile dress that can be worn in multiple different ways and styles.

This dress suits all shapes and sizes, and is a great item to have in the closet. It is also very popular with bridesmaids, as they can each find their own comfortable way of wearing the dress.

Made in store, one has two styles to choose from – The Original Multi Way Dress and The Original with Mesh Multi Way Dress. The dress is available in long, or 3/4 lengths (Please see picture examples below). It is one size fits all, therefore no measurements needed. Once the dress is made, all necessary alterations/adjustments will be done in an appointment. All dresses are made in stretch fabrics, most colour choices available in fabric stores.

We are able to courier dresses with a reasonable courier company around the country. Please email us with any questions or queries, and ask for an order form and more detailed information.

A search for the infinity dress on youtube will give you a tutorial on the dress options.

All dresses come with a complimentary separate boob tube.